Juneau, Alaska’s
Carbon Offset Solution

The Juneau Carbon Offset Fund uses your carbon offset purchases to reduce Juneau’s oil consumption used for home heating. Your funds will replace oil-burning furnaces with clean and efficient air-source heat pumps in lower-income homes. Click the learn more button for all the details.


How Our Offsetting Works

The Juneau Carbon Offset Fund is Alaska’s only locally-targeted carbon offset fund and is a project of Renewable Juneau, a renewable energy and climate advocacy nonprofit based in Juneau, Alaska's captial city.

Your 100% tax-deductible offset purchases will eliminate future heating oil emissions by financing conversion of oil-based heating systems to carbon-free, high efficiency, hydro-powered heating systems for Juneau’s lower income families. Currently, many of these lower wage earners often pay the highest heating costs.

Your offset payments will not only make these heating system conversions possible, but will eliminate the carbon dioxide that results from burning heating oil. Below you will find pages that will allow you to choose how you may offset your carbon production.

If you want a detailed approach, choose our Calculator page. Here you'll find a method to pinpoint and summarize the carbon footprint of your personal life over the course of one year.

If you want to just get right to it, our One Click page will allow you to offset quickly and easily, using preset options for your home, car and travel.

If you are a visitor to Juneau, we offer you the opportunity to offset carbon from your chosen tourism-related activities. Visit the Juneau Visitor page to purchase offsets for your flight, cruise, flightseeing outing and whale watching trips.

Lastly, we offer you the very simple option of a quick donation.

If you'd like to learn more about air source heat pumps, visit Renewable Juneau for detailed information on how they function and how they are reshaping the entire heating industry across the globe.

It’s easy! You can eliminate carbon emissions AND help lower-income familes today.

– Choose one of three options –

Personal Calculator: If you desire a focused approach, input detailed information into our calculator.
Juneau Visitor: If you’re a guest in town, offset your flight, cruise, marine excursion and other carbon-heavy outings.
One-Click: If you just want to get right to it, select from accepted averages for your carbon output and determine your offset amount quickly.


I am thrilled to know that Renewable Juneau has created the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund. Renewable Juneau is a local leader in climate and renewable energy action and I have the utmost respect for all that they do and accomplish. With their offset program, I am able to offset my carbon output and apply it right here at home. This is a tremendous gift to the many in Alaska’s capital city who seek to balance their impacts as well as for those who wish to help those in need.

– Margaret Symons, Juneau resident for 24 years

The Juneau Carbon offset fund represents just one more major accomplishment of Renewable Juneau. My wife and I have bought carbon offsets for our family for a few years now. Knowing that there is now a local option, one that reinvests right here at home, locks in our decision to switch. While we still need to work harder to lower our household carbon footprint, the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund helps us balance our impacts while we work to reduce our personal dependence on oil.

– Doug and Karen Bolson, Juneau residents for 32 years

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