Do you want to heat your home with renewable energy, lose the oil and save money? Here’s how to apply to receive a free air-source heat pump!

  • If you are interested in reducing your annual utility bills while eliminating your current oil heating system’s carbon emissions, and you and your home meet the eligibility criteria detailed below, please read ALL of the following instructions and then complete the initial application which follows.
  • For application-specific questions that you feel are not answered below, please send an email to:
  • Initial applications can be completed on this site or downloaded here and then printed and mailed to: Renewable Juneau, Juneau Carbon Offset Fund, P.O. Box 2227, Juneau, AK 99801.
  • Initial applications and required verification documents for all applications will be reviewed by the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund’s Advisory Committee as time and funding permit and will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis. The number of oil to heat pump conversions awarded will be based on available funding. If your application is accepted and adequate funds are unavailable, you will be notified and placed on our wait list.
  • If your initial application is accepted, you will be emailed and asked to submit, via email or USPS mail, the following documentation:
  1. Proof of property ownership (may by deed to the property, copies of purchase documents, certificate of title (for a mobile home), property tax receipts, copies of mortgage payment records, or homeowner’s insurance in your name.
  2. Adjusted gross income total, from each adult, found on your federal tax return
  3. Copies of last six (6) pay stubs from all adult members of the home
  4. Copies of heating fuel bills for the past 2 years and electricity bills for the past year
  5. Detailed summary of assets: pension, retirement accounts, investments…
  6. 1 picture of each current home heating source
  7. 1 picture of your home’s electrical panel

It is our hope the process will take no more than three to six months, from application review and acceptance to gathering of financial and employment verification documentation to final installation of your new air source heat pump. Winter or other inclement weather could delay any scheduled installation work.

Recipients of Juneau Carbon Offset Funds may be asked to speak with local media outlets about their experience. And, recipients of Juneau Carbon Offset Funds may be asked to display a yard sign or similar announcement for one month ‘advertising’ their home energy system upgrade.


Step 1: Complete the initial application form
Step 2: Advisory Committee review of initial applications
Step 3: Submit income, employment, utility verification documentation with signed Information Release and Waiver
Step 4: Advisory Committee final review of applications and associated paperwork. Recipient selection and contact
Step 5: Heating system upgrade project put out to bid
Step 6: Home inspection by bid-winning heat pump installation company
Step 7: Heat pump installation and education of use


  1. HOME OWNERSHIP: Applicants must provide proof of home ownership when and if their initial application is accepted. Only property owners or a property owner designee may apply.
  2. HOUSEHOLD INCOME must not exceed 80% of median area income. Income verification paperwork must be submitted if your initial application is approved.
    MAI table ACS census
  3. INSPECTION AND CONSULTATION: Successful applicants must agree to a home inspection. The inspection, by either an energy specialist with the Fund or by a professional heat pump installation company, will assist in determining the home’s appropriateness for use of a heat pump, the best size and location for a heat pump, and the degree of potential electrical work needed. The homeowner must agree to the installation of the heat pump in the location recommended by the assessing professional or installer.
  4. EXISTING HEAT SOURCE: Existing heat source to be replaced must be a Monitor or Toyo diesel stove or other oil-burning boiler system. Some oil-based systems may be ineligible for replacement due to complexity of the existing system, home layout and design, poor condition of current electrical infrastructure, high cost, etc.
  5. ELECTRICAL PANEL: If your home’s electrical panel is old, lacking proper space for new circuits (breakers), or requires upgrade work to allow for a heat pump connection, the cost of your project may be too expensive for this program. Look here for a brief overview of three electrical panels and a few things to look for in your home’s system.
  6. APPLICANTS AGREE to allow Renewable Juneau and the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund to share information about the work performed with the public, local media and social media. All personal and financial information is confidential and will not be shared.