How Do Carbon Offsets Work?

Even though carbon offsetting has become fairly commonplace as a carbon footprint shrinking tool, many would-be offsetters still have lingering questions. In her great encapsulation of offsetting in the Washington Post, Sarah Kaplan distills the valuable practice and makes it accessible. Without systemic changes in the way society functions — an electric grid powered completely … Continue reading How Do Carbon Offsets Work?

12 Homes: $$ Saved, Carbon Eliminated

Renewable Juneau’s Carbon Offset Fund (JCOF) completed carbon elimination heat pump installations 11 and 12 last week! Each of these two homes will avoid burning nearly 500 gallons of home heating fuel, adding 11 tons of eliminated carbon to JCOF’s 68 annual ton total. Install #11 The home of the Little family, in the Thunder … Continue reading 12 Homes: $$ Saved, Carbon Eliminated

Another 12,000 Pounds Eliminated!

The Juneau Carbon Offset Fund is thrilled to announce the completion of it’s 10th heat pump installation! The heat pump installed at Janarose Odenheimer’s home in the valley will eliminate the production at least 12,000 pounds of annual carbon dioxide! This installation is the 10th for Renewable Juneau’s Carbon Offset Fund. With each of these … Continue reading Another 12,000 Pounds Eliminated!


One year ago, on June 28, 2019, local non-profit Renewable Juneau launched the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund (JCOF). The goal of the fund was to convert fossil fuel heating systems to renewable energy powered air source heat pumps in the homes of lower income families. Community and business support for the effort has been outstanding. … Continue reading IS CELEBRATING ITS FIRST BIRTHDAY!