Be Part of the Solution…

…with Gastineau Guiding and the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund.

We’re glad that you have chosen Gastineau Guiding to share our wild slice of Alaska with you. As a leader in sustainable travel and tourism, we pride ourselves on not only providing top-level natural history education to our guests, but doing so in a environmentally sustainable manner.

All of the crew at Gastineau Guiding take great steps to minimize the impact of our excursions. Marine propulsion technology unfortunately is not quite up to speed with the nature of most modern wildlife-watching tours. We therefore encourage you to be a part of the solution with us by offseting your share of the carbon emissions of your excursion. Carbon offsetting is a valuable tool that allows us all to take charge of our impacts. Gastineau Guiding has partnered with the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund to offer you this carbon footprint reducing option.

The Juneau Carbon Offset Fund directs carbon offset purchases to the replacement of carbon-heavy oil heating systems with renewable energy powered air source heat pumps in lower-income Juneau family homes. This solution allows you to lower your carbon footprint and assist Alaskan lower income families.

Below you will find most of the excursions offered by Gastineau Guiding. Locate your experience, add the offset to your cart and purchase. The Juneau Carbon Offset Fund will keep you informed of the impact of your carbon offsetting and at the end of the year, will send you your annual offset certificate. Your offset purchase is 100% tax deductible.