Carbon Reducing Hat Trick!

Renewable Juneau’s Juneau Carbon Offset Fund (JCOF) is excited to announce a trio of diesel-eliminating heat pump installations! Long in the works, these three projects will remove roughly 1300 gallons of home heating diesel from Juneau’s shrinking annual fossil fuel budget. The grand total of JCOF’s 24 income-qualified home heat pump installations now aims at a 15 years carbon dioxide elimination total of 1800 tons.

For you bean counters out there, every gallon of home heating oil burned produces about 22.4 pounds of carbon dioxide. The elimination of 1300 gallons of this toxic fuel directly eliminates 29,120 pounds of carbon dioxide…every year, for the life of the heat pumps! If these fantastic home heating, heat moving heat pumps live out their expected fifteen years of life (perhaps 20!), the total elimination of carbon dioxide could reach 436,800 pounds, nearly 200 tons.

The short and sweet of this math tells us that we can make a difference. (Well, for this bit to work, it does help to own your home.) If you do, you can stop heating with oil today and slash your carbon footprint now. Once you take this very large personal step along your carbon footprint shrinking journey, you are required (only by me) to share your action with friends and neighbors. In spreading the news of your money saving, climate action, you have the potential to gently prod others into climbing up to your level.

It is so important to recognize the many individuals and businesses who make these home heating projects possible. While we can’t list the dozens of individuals who offset some or all of their carbon impact with JCOF, or the many subscribers who offset regularly (and automatically!) each month, we must give a shout out to our local business supporters! And, since we all know that a picture is worth 1000 words (and it’s quicker), instead of a list…

And, since this post seems to have a bit of a numbers thing going, this seems to be a ideal time to update and share our Juneau Carbon Offset Fund ‘By the Numbers’ infographic!

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