Renewable Juneau and the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund (JCOF) recognize today’s need for personal privacy, strict document security, and institutional trust. We have privacy practices in place to provide you with the assurance and confidence that any personal information shared with the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund is protected and secure.

JCOF is an income-qualified program. In order for an applicant to qualify for home heating assistance, gross household income must be verified and compared to current federal income tables generated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Verifying household income, using HUD’s ‘Part 5 Income Verification Method’ is dependent on a program applicant providing JCOF with personal household income information.

Required documents may include identification, birth certificates, pay stubs, bank account statements, IRS tax filings, retirement account statements, social security award letters, as well as other records where deemed necessary or appropriate, depending on the household, such as floor plans, utility history and/or bills, and proof of home ownership. JCOF does NOT need and will never ask for social security numbers or specific account numbers. We encourage all program applicants to either delete or black out such account and identification information prior to uploading any files to our secure data management system.

JCOF uses an encrypted and multi factor authentication document handling system maintained by Citrix ShareFile. ShareFile is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that enables the exchange of confidential business files easily, securely and professionally. ShareFile safeguards files in transit and at rest using industry accepted protocols and ShareFile stores files in state-of-the-art data centers equipped to protect against data loss, even in emergencies. ShareFile employs Transport Layer Security (TLS) security protocols to protect authentication, authorization and file transfers. Files are encrypted in transit with up to 256-bit encryption depending on web browser capabilities. ShareFile employs a keyed-hashed message authentication code (HMAC) to authenticate and ensure the integrity of intra-system communications and relies on file size and hash to ensure file integrity.

To learn more about Citrix ShareFile’s security and compliance practices, download their PDF entitled, ‘citrix-sharefile-security-and-compliance-faq.pdf’

JCOF requests that program applicants only provide personal information via a secure folder link provided by JCOF via Citrix, and shared with the applicant. Emailing documents to JCOF is discouraged. Each program applicant will have a secure document folder within the JCOF Citrix system. One-way access to these folders is provided to the applicant and administrative access is only available to two JCOF personnel: the program manager and the administrative assistant of partner Alaska Heat Smart. If an applicant chooses to email documents to JCOF, these documents will be moved to a secure Citrix folder and the email and any attachments will be deleted. If an applicant chooses to mail documents to JCOF, or deliver them to the JCOF office, either the program manager or administrative assistant will scan the documents and move them into the applicant’s secure Citrix folder. The original scans will be deleted. 

If you have questions or concerns about document privacy, please contact JCOF at

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