Second Home Heat Pump Installation COMPLETE!

The Juneau Carbon Offset Fund is proud to announce the completion of its second carbon-emissions elimination project. The heat pump installed in the home of Greg and Annie Albrecht and their three kids has eliminated their need to heat with oil and will eliminate the associated 11,200 pounds (5.6 tons) of carbon dioxide that their Toyo created each year!

Our new heat pump is great and it heats our house more effectively and evenly than our Toyo stove! Even when on the lowest setting, the indoor air circulator creates an air flow pattern that keeps every room in the house warm. The Toyo just produced heat that rose up to the peak of the vaulted ceiling and didn’t really move around the house. We also like that the heat pump is quieter than the Toyo and is continually filtering dust out of the air. Our home is much warmer and I expect our heating bill to be cut in half!

We owe the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund and Renewable Juneau a huge thank you! We’ve wanted to move away from oil for some time and just could not afford such a move. With three kids and a single income, financial triage has been our norm and will be for some time!

If you wish to offset some of your carbon footprint or just make a donation to the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund, visit our web site for options and info!
We can make a difference!

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