Thank You NCL and JCF!

As recently reported by KTOO, Renewable Juneau’s Carbon Offset Fund (JCOF) is one of a handful of recipient’s of a portion of $2 million donated to Juneau non profits by Norwegian Cruise Linea and managed and distributed by the Juneau Community Foundation. “We are thrilled to be included as one of the important social service programs to receive this funding,” said JCOF Program Manager Andy Romanoff. “JCOF works to lower the costs of home heating for Juneau lower-income families, while reducing home heating carbon emissions. This donation from Norwegian Cruise Lines and the Juneau Community Foundation will further our reach into the community and allow us to continue to assist Juneau families in need.”

“While personal carbon offsetting seems to be experiencing a lull in town, donations like NCL’s, in addition to recent carbon offsetting from Coeur Alaska / Kensington, and a new grant award from the Avista Foundation, will allow us to continue to install renewable energy powered air source heat pumps in place of oil-burning heating systems in lower-income qualified homes.”

On average, an air source heat pump added to a lower-income home will save $500 to $700 annually and eliminate the production of 11,000 pounds of annual carbon dioxide. In addition to the financial savings and carbon elimination, a heat pump both dries and clean the air, reducing humidity and mold and mildew issues.

Read the KTOO story here!

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