WIN-WIN! Fred Meyer will give us $$!

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The Juneau Carbon Offset Fund has qualified for the Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program!

Every grocery purchase you make can send much-needed funding to Renewable Juneau’s emissions slashing and lower-income, home-heating program – the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund!

It’s easy! All you need are two things:
1. Be a Fred Meyer rewards member. (Or, create an account.)
2. Visit and point your rewards account to Renewable Juneau!

All Fred Meyer funding in this program is separate from the normal rewards that your account currently receives. Taking advantage of this program will not alter your benefits as the Community Rewards come from a totally voluntary Fred Meyer pot of cash!

Below are some visuals to make it easy.

Share this super easy, money-raising strategy with all your pals! The more accounts that point to the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund, the more lower-income family homes we’ll be able to heat with renewable energy!

Visit Fred Meyer today and sign up!

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